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Angry Birds For PC Free Download

If you are searching for angry birds for pc free download then you are at the right place. Rovio Mobile of Finnish Computers developed Angry Birds primarily with a sketch of stylized wingless birds angry birds for pc free download was first developed in December 2009 for Apple’s IOS and it became a huge hit and more than 12 million copies of the game have been purchased till now which prompted apple to design angry birds for pc free download for other smart phone and touch screen phones which has other operating system such as Android.

The concept of the game is to destroy pigs so a player should use a singles hot to launch the birds at pigs stationed on or with a variety of structures with the intention of destroying all the pigs.

 Angry Birds For PC Free Download

As the game proceeds and when player advance through the game new birds appear with some special ability, which can be activated by the player. In order to add additional content to the game Rovio Mobile often updates angry birds for pc free download and the company has also released holiday promotion and stand-alone versions and now the game is even available on HP web OS app store too.

Once the user plays angry birds for pc free download they just get addicted to it as it has a comical way of presentation and is available at a very low cost.Due to the popularity of angry birds for pc free download the company introduced angry birds for personal computer and other gaming consoles.

The company has a long term vision of launching it as a film or on television as since its launch in December 2009 there’s been more than 700 million downloads across all platforms which includes both regular and special editions.

As angry birds for pc free download is considered as one of the mainstream games at the moment.

The games begins where hungry green pigs stoles eggs of birds and the birds try to retrieve the eggs from the pigs and in each level the pigs are sheltered with different materials such as wood, stone and ice and the center theme of the game is to eliminate all the pigs in each level

The player uses a slingshot to launch the birds with the intent of damaging or hitting pigs directly in order to collapse or eliminate pigs and user can find explosive crates and rocks in later stages to destroy hard to reach pigs.

In angry birds for pc free download various birds have been used in different stages starting from the basic red birds and in later stages of the game additional birds are introduced with special features which can be activated by the players by launching them.

Different color birds have different functionality such as the black birds explodes while the white bird can drop explosive eggs and the pigs are also available in different size and shapes, Such as some pigs wear helmets etc.

Every level of the game start with number, types and order of birds pre determined. If the player is successful in destroying all the pigs by the time the last bird is used that particular level is completed and next level is unlocked automatically.

These are some of the features of angry birds which makes the game more interesting and the players get addictive to angry birds for pc free download.


Free Angry Birds For PC

How you can get free angry birds for pc. Angry Birds is a very popular game on portable smart phones and the latest tablets and they have introduced free angry birds for pc too.

Angry birds is a clever game and its quite often that the players become addictive to it.

It’s a wired game where a group of pigs have stolen the birds eggs which make them too angry and mad and as a player its your job to help the birds from those unusual and fortresses that have been created by pigs.

As a player you have to launch the birds with a ling shot like device on the screen.

However you may think that oh it’s so easy but when you actually play the game you will realize that it’s not so easy as it sounds.

Free Angry Birds For PC

Free Angry Birds For PC

One has to find out how to break through those pig’s fortresses which is designed very cleverly designed. As you play free angry birds for pc you realize that what different colors birds can do as the red is the basic birds when you launch the game.

When you progress through different stages you get different options with different colors birds such as black, white with different functionality.

The graphics used for free angry birds for pc are really stunning and you will really enjoy playing it as the game is really fun. However the only draw back if you are looking for free angry birds for pc is that you have to install the Google Chrome browser to play it.

 Installing Google Chrome browser is very easy you can go to google chrome website to install the browser once the browser is installed just go to the Chrome web store and install the game.

System Requirements:

Operating System/OS: Windows XP SP2

Hard disk space 50 MB

RAM 512 MB

OpenGL dan RAM 32MB

Graphic OpenGL 1.3 compatible

VGA Card DirectX

Run the installer file EXEnya

How To install Angry Birds Rio

Once the installation is finished click on the setup wizard Angry Birds make sure you uncheck the launch Angry Birds Rio and then click on the finish button.

Then you have to Run the file patch.exe in a patch folder and find where you have saved AB.exe file by default it is saved in programs files once you are at Ab.exe click on patch then enter the serial number which you can find in the folder.

After doing all the steps correctly free angry birds for pc will be installed and you can start playing the game.

How to play free angry birds for pc:

The game starts when the birds are kidnap in a magical city with a range of cages and they are worried and in need of your help desperately. The birds are mistreated and they need to save their companion and hunts for their pursuer.

While playing free angry birds for pc you have advantage, as there are seven more stages for playing free angry birds for pc chrome users. You can find google chrome logo at different stages and when you click on it one of the seven special stages is unlocked and there are different google chrome icons in those stages such as bricks and blocks and you as a user will have lot of fund playing free angry birds for pc on your pc.


Angry Birds Golden Egg

The advantage of finding angry birds golden eggs is you can unlock additional levels and even physics puzzles angry birds golden eggs is a game which is designed for iPhone, Android, iPad and personal computer or pc.

It is one of the highest and best selling games on iTunes App Store as the game is very cleverly designed and the players get addictive to it slowly and the main important part of the game is angry birds golden eggs as it helps the player in unlocking many cool bonuses.

Angry Birds Golden Egg

Angry Birds Golden Egg

A level is completed when the game feels that you have mastered it and the player gets a star upon completion of that level. However finding the angry birds golden eggs is not so easy most of the times. The player has to get 3 stars in every level in order to get them or angry birds golden eggs may be hidden under any random item or in the corner of the screen.

 Now you know that after obtaining angry birds golden eggs you can get some cool bonuses such as unlocking an extra level etc. However many people are unable to locate all angry birds golden eggs and thus they feel that the level is incomplete

You will get all the steps on how to get all 27 angry birds golden eggs below.

Steps on how to get angry birds golden eggs:

Golden Egg Number 1: in order to get your first angry birds golden eggs you have to pause any level and just click on the question marke “?” which can be found at the bottom left hand corner and you will find the egg on the white bird.

Golden Egg Number 2: You can find your second angry birds golden eggs from level 5-19 and the egg will be located on the right side of the screen to obtain it you have to through a yellow bird towards this direction and you will see the egg when the screen goes up a bit.

Golden Egg Number 3: the player can find this egg in  Poached Eggs level 2-2 only thing you have to do is get rid of the beach ball.

Golden Egg Number 4: To obtain you fourth angry birds golden eggs you have to score 3 stars on each level o Poached Eggs, which is not so easy but with a little practice you, can achieve it.

Golden Egg Number 5: The player has to get 3 stars on every level of mighty hoax and this is another tough angry birds golden eggs.

Golden Egg Number 6: This is one of the simple one as you don’t have to do much but just press the i button on your screen and when you look at your credits the egg will appear beneath the white bird.

Golden Egg Number 7: You can find this egg in level 1-8 of Poached Eggs you just have to hit the chest and hold the mouse button just over the treasure chest.

Golden Egg Number 8:  To find this angry birds golden eggs hit the sun, which is located at the bottom center of the screen and on the episode just, select the screen.

Golden Egg Number 9: You will get this golden egg in level 4-7 of Mighty Hoax you just have to zoom out and you will find the golden egg on the top of the cliff you have to make sure that you aim carefully and hit with a yellow bird.

Golden Egg Number 10: You can find this angry birds golden eggs in level 6-14 of Danger Above the player need to break the yellow balloon you can use either the Boomerang Bird or you can even bounce the yellow bird off the tree.

Golden Egg Number 11: You will get this golden egg also in Danger Above level 8 just drag the screen on the far right and click on coming soon screen and you will see that the golden egg appears on the right. For Mac and pc user you have to click inside the window and drag in order to find the golden egg.

Golden Egg Number 12:To obtain this angry birds golden eggs you have to obtain 3 stars in every level of Danger Above.

Golden Egg Number 13:  You can get this golden egg just by bouncing one fo the yellow bird of the trampoline or you can even use Boomerang Bird and you will find this in level 8-15 of Danger Above.

Golden Egg Number 14: You will get this egg in level 9-14 of The Big Setup just zoom out and you can find the golden egg on the bottom right of the screen with a hard hat you can use Boomerang Bird to obtain this.

Golden Egg Number 15: You will get this golden egg by smashing the duck underneath the bridge in level 10-3 of Big Setup.

Golden Egg Number 16: The sixteenth angry birds golden eggs can be obtain in level 11-15 of Big Setup you just have to zoom out and you will see the golden egg on the left just below the slingshot and you can use Boomerang Bird for this.

Golden Egg Number 17: This golden egg is hard to get as you have to score 3 stars on all levels of Big Setup.

Golden Egg Number 18: This is the toughest one and you can find these angry birds golden eggs in level 12-12 at Ham Em High you have to demolish the trophy in the middle of the level, which stands in between the two piles of jewels.

Golden Egg Number 19: You can find this golden egg in level 13-10 you just have to zoom out and you will find the angry birds golden eggs hanging above the level. You need to be accurate, as you have to launch a white bird and drop an egg at the correct moment to fly up and hit the hanging egg.

Golden Egg Number 20: Just find the right timing and  launch the white bird backwards in Ham Em High level 13-12 and you have to be prompt to drop the egg before he goes off the map.

Golden Egg Number 21: You will get this Golden egg in level 14-4 of Ham Em High and you will notice the golden egg on a cliff at the right and you have to send a yellow bird at the right timing towards the cliff tapping to obtain this golden egg.

Golden Egg Number 22: Getting this golden egg is not so easy as you have to score 3 stars on all level of Ham Em High.

Golden Egg Number23: At Mine and Dine 15-12 you have to zoom out! You can see the Golden Egg is on the ridge to the right of the screen. Once you notice it, shoot a yellow bird aimed high towards the ridge. The moment you want to boost its speed tap it in order to send it to the direction of the Egg. Click here for video walkthrough

Golden Egg Number 24: You will find this golden egg in level 16-9 of Mine and Dine just zoom out and you will see the angry birds golden eggs on the top of the cave which will be on the right of the screen. You can use yellow bird for this.

Golden Egg Number 25: In order to get this golden egg you need to score 3 stars in each level of Mine and Dine.

 Golden Egg Number 26:You can find this golden egg in level 17-22 just zoom out and you will notice a treasure high on top of the second rock protrusion  and you have to use yellow bird for this before that you should burn your red and white birds.

Golden Egg Number 27: Finally you will get your last angry birds golden eggs at level 18-6 of Birthday Party you just need to zoom out and you will see that the golden egg standing on a ledge on the right hand side you can use your first two blue birds and nail them with your yellow bird speedster.


Are There Any Games Like Angry Birds

There are many Games Like Angry Birds available online now a days. Most of the games are based on flash however one just cant compare them with Angry Birds as people are addicted to angry birds however one can find Games Like Angry Birds free of cost online.But the major problem with the clone games are most of them are online games which require internet connection and one cannot play them offline or without internet.

We will now have a look at few of the physics based games which do not require constant connection most of the time.

World of Goo: Most of us have forgetted this game since angry birds was launched. This game was considered as the indine paradise few years back however it lost its popularity and fallen off the face. The graphics and style used in this game is almost similar to Angry Birds. However the user has to spend more time playing with Goo and its not any old goo most of the time the player has to use the goo for making bridges and buildings and most of us might played the game called Play Doh when we were kids and therefore you will know what to expect in Games Like Angry Birds

At first when you start playing this game its looks so easy however as the game progresses it becomes extremely difficult as the player have to build more complex building structures. Ultimately the player has to learn the game to create and find out the right solution as if one thing goes wrong the whole structure will be sinking down in a gooey mess.

This game is available for $20 on game developer site and less than $10 on Amazon and this game is compatible with windows, linux and Mac.

 Crush the Castle 2

Games Like Angry Birds such as crush the castle is almost a clone to Angry Birds and is available on flash game sites and on Armor games site in this game the goal of the player is to kill the pig by dropping a variety of bombs and rocks on them.

S320 Anycool Cellular Trial 3 Sim Blackberry Style:

This game is not like other Games Like Angry Birds and is much better than many of the angry birds clones however the graphic and design is not as good as angry birds. The main task in this game is to complete your task in as few shots as possible and this game is even supported by a huge variety of ammo types which add more excitement in the game.

Many people think that the game is web based and it is true however the good news is that you can download the flash file on your pc,iPad,iPhone and you don’t need any internet connection to play it once you downloaded the game. You will require a net connection only if you want to use any of the online features of the game.

Crazy Machines 1+2:

If the creator of this game would have launched this Games Like Angry Birds after 2008 there might be good chances for this game to get much attention such as the world of Goo. However the original Crazy Machines was really interesting in early 2005 and soon it went under the radar as the players lost interest in it.

Any way they have introduced its new version but both the previous version and new version have related game play where the player has to solve the challenge with the tools available. Eventually the tools are used for moving an object or knocking. These are few of the Games Like Angry Birds available online.


Angry Birds Flash Game

These days angry birds flash game is one of the most admired games online. It’s a huge hit all over the globe and angry birds flash game is not the first game created by the company Rovio they have produced many games in the past and angry birds have out perform above all the past games produced by the company.

Rovio was established in 2003 as Relude and later renamed to Rovio Mobile in 2005.The Company claims that angry birds flash game have been downloaded around 500 million times. Apart from Angry Birds the company has developed more than 30 different titles mainly for J2ME, Windows, Mac OS X, chrome etc.

Angry Birds Flash Game

Angry Birds Flash Game

The game was created by keeping Apple iOS in mind and then created the online angry birds flash game from original version of angry birds for pc. However when smart phones were launched the game was available for them too and smart phone users were able to download the game without any problem.

So, how did this game become so addictive as the entire world is crazy about it? With good looks and graphics of angry birds flash game the users get attracted to the game and finally play it.

The creators of the game were having so much fun with the screenshots they came up with birds without legs and wings even before the game became popular.

One might think why the pigs were chosen as the enemies for the angry birds flash game as at the time of creating this game the world was worried about swine flu which was spreading all over the world virally.

The whole idea of angry birds flash game came online in the year 2009 at that time the company was looking for various ideas for online games which could become popular all over the world.

The main concept of angry birds flash game is to bring out all the pigs to complete each level. The user has option of accessing different types of birds at every level. However when you are at the first level of angry birds flash game you have access only to red color angry birds.

Once you progress through the game and complete different levels you get access to different colors of birds and most of the time the enemy color is green however they are also available in different color and sizes in later stages.

Gambar terkaitThe enemies in angry birds flash game are weaker, stronger and few of them even have helmets to protect themselves from the attack of angry birds when all the pigs are killed or when all the buildings are destroyed the player gets additional points and you can even receive bonus points for any unused birds.

You can play this game without any worry and angry birds flash game is the best online game available, which you will love and most probably become addictive to it. The game might look too simple at first however with the high level of multimedia you will be amazed and become addictive to angry birds flash game.