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Angry Birds Download For Pc Online

If you are looking for Angry Birds Download For Pc then you are at the righ website whether you know or not but the company Rovio has released free full version for the most popular game Angry Birds recently this version is especially for Android users which has resulted in decrease in traffic to the companies website.

Today Angry Birds are one of the top and most popular video game available online however you may find many clones or duplicate games like angry birds but none can compete with angry birds and those who played angry birds will never look for its clone games as the game is so addictive and fun that people don’t want to play any other game then angry birds.

Rovio has launched this free full version of angry birds at Getjar.com and the company has sold over 7 million copies according to venture beat so the company decided to launch Angry Birds Download For Pc free version.

As of now Angry Birds Download For Pc is ad supported however the company is planning for a new version, which will be without any ads and the user, will have a cleaner and exciting experience.

In an interview peter vesterbacka from Rovio Mobiles said that angry birds is been played more than 65 million minutes every day on the iPhone and he estimates that soon it will reach 100 million minutes per day with the free android version.

When the company released its free version of Angry Birds Download For Pc Getjar were having exclusive rights for 24 hours even before it hit the android market. This promotion of free version gave them a huge boost as app store was not a household name and getjar was trying to take new initiatives, which involved giving of free application to their visitors.

Rovio choose GetJar for the free version of Angry Birds Download For Pc as the company has a global reach and is popular for their unique app and to ensure this free version reaches to maximum audience they choose GetJar for the launch and they don’t need to promote it at multiple places and can send both the symbian and android audience to one place instead of sending them at different places to find their favorite game.

If you are addictive to Angry Birds and if you are looking for Angry Birds Download For Pc your thirst for this popular game is all over as now you can download this game on your pc and play it at your leisure time however you need google chrome browser in order to download the game on your pc.

Once you download the game on your pc you can play it without any trouble as the game runs in any operating system provided you use chrome browser.

 The game is almost the same however you have some extra chrome levels for new game play. You will enjoy playing angry birds on your pc however the sound may not work properly especially in Mac OS X and you should not open more tabs otherwise the game gets hang however its really amazing that and makes sense as Angry Birds Download For Pc supports browser.


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