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Angry Birds Flash Game

These days angry birds flash game is one of the most admired games online. It’s a huge hit all over the globe and angry birds flash game is not the first game created by the company Rovio they have produced many games in the past and angry birds have out perform above all the past games produced by the company.

Rovio was established in 2003 as Relude and later renamed to Rovio Mobile in 2005.The Company claims that angry birds flash game have been downloaded around 500 million times. Apart from Angry Birds the company has developed more than 30 different titles mainly for J2ME, Windows, Mac OS X, chrome etc.

Angry Birds Flash Game

Angry Birds Flash Game

The game was created by keeping Apple iOS in mind and then created the online angry birds flash game from original version of angry birds for pc. However when smart phones were launched the game was available for them too and smart phone users were able to download the game without any problem.

So, how did this game become so addictive as the entire world is crazy about it? With good looks and graphics of angry birds flash game the users get attracted to the game and finally play it.

The creators of the game were having so much fun with the screenshots they came up with birds without legs and wings even before the game became popular.

One might think why the pigs were chosen as the enemies for the angry birds flash game as at the time of creating this game the world was worried about swine flu which was spreading all over the world virally.

The whole idea of angry birds flash game came online in the year 2009 at that time the company was looking for various ideas for online games which could become popular all over the world.

The main concept of angry birds flash game is to bring out all the pigs to complete each level. The user has option of accessing different types of birds at every level. However when you are at the first level of angry birds flash game you have access only to red color angry birds.

Once you progress through the game and complete different levels you get access to different colors of birds and most of the time the enemy color is green however they are also available in different color and sizes in later stages.

Gambar terkaitThe enemies in angry birds flash game are weaker, stronger and few of them even have helmets to protect themselves from the attack of angry birds when all the pigs are killed or when all the buildings are destroyed the player gets additional points and you can even receive bonus points for any unused birds.

You can play this game without any worry and angry birds flash game is the best online game available, which you will love and most probably become addictive to it. The game might look too simple at first however with the high level of multimedia you will be amazed and become addictive to angry birds flash game.

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