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Angry Birds For Pc Free Download Full Version

Are you looking for Angry Birds For Pc Free Download Full Version if yes then your search is over. Let me give you a brief introduction about the game and the company, which developed it. Angry Birds is a very simple game created by Rovio Mobile in the year 2009 however when the gaming head presented the idea of Angry birds to his staff members they just love it but there was no plans to create this game however later his proposal was accepted and the end result was the birth of Angry Birds in December 2009.

At that time no one thought that Angry Birds Game Online would become such a huge and instant hit with the people all over the globe. By seeing the craze and addiction of the people towards the game Rovio officially announced that the users could get Angry Birds For Pc Free Download Full Version for Windows XP and 7 PC’s.

The company sold over 12 million game copies in just a span of 2 years all over the globe the game was developed in 2009 but it got so much love from the people all over the world that every one knows about it .

The first version of angry birds was made for iOS user only and later the company extended and introduced Angry Birds For Pc Free Download Full Version and for various platforms, which includes Android, WebOS, and Symbian.

Most recently the company introduced their new version called Angry Birds space. This new version of the game is really exciting as it has all new features from different types of birds, planets and the special feature is zero gravity, and there are various bonuses added in every level the background of this version is also amazing. However at the moment I don’t think that this version is available for Angry Birds For Pc Free Download Full Version lets wait and hope for the best.


Angry Birds For Pc

Angry Birds For Pc

The concept is same where the eggs are stolen by the evil pigs and to get back their eggs angry birds chase the pigs and enters into space with the help of wormhole and takes revenge from the dirty pigs.

How to play:

As there will not be any gravitational force so when ever you make a slingshot the bird will go in straight direction and when it gets the gravitational area only then the bird gets new directions and effects called trajectory. With this new feature the player can kill all the dirty pigs in single shot.

In near future the company will launch Angry Birds For Pc Free Download Full Version however in the meantime you can practice this new version which has 60 additional levels with amazing space environment. While playing this new version you will learn a lot as the physics and graphics used in this angry birds space version is really extra ordinary and you will fell how the real space looks like and how objects move on space.

So keep on practicing this game, as it will be really fun and wait till they release Angry Birds For Pc Free Download Full Version.

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