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Angry Birds For PC Free Download

If you are searching for angry birds for pc free download then you are at the right place. Rovio Mobile of Finnish Computers developed Angry Birds primarily with a sketch of stylized wingless birds angry birds for pc free download was first developed in December 2009 for Apple’s IOS and it became a huge hit and more than 12 million copies of the game have been purchased till now which prompted apple to design angry birds for pc free download for other smart phone and touch screen phones which has other operating system such as Android.

The concept of the game is to destroy pigs so a player should use a singles hot to launch the birds at pigs stationed on or with a variety of structures with the intention of destroying all the pigs.

 Angry Birds For PC Free Download

As the game proceeds and when player advance through the game new birds appear with some special ability, which can be activated by the player. In order to add additional content to the game Rovio Mobile often updates angry birds for pc free download and the company has also released holiday promotion and stand-alone versions and now the game is even available on HP web OS app store too.

Once the user plays angry birds for pc free download they just get addicted to it as it has a comical way of presentation and is available at a very low cost.Due to the popularity of angry birds for pc free download the company introduced angry birds for personal computer and other gaming consoles.

The company has a long term vision of launching it as a film or on television as since its launch in December 2009 there’s been more than 700 million downloads across all platforms which includes both regular and special editions.

As angry birds for pc free download is considered as one of the mainstream games at the moment.

The games begins where hungry green pigs stoles eggs of birds and the birds try to retrieve the eggs from the pigs and in each level the pigs are sheltered with different materials such as wood, stone and ice and the center theme of the game is to eliminate all the pigs in each level

The player uses a slingshot to launch the birds with the intent of damaging or hitting pigs directly in order to collapse or eliminate pigs and user can find explosive crates and rocks in later stages to destroy hard to reach pigs.

In angry birds for pc free download various birds have been used in different stages starting from the basic red birds and in later stages of the game additional birds are introduced with special features which can be activated by the players by launching them.

Different color birds have different functionality such as the black birds explodes while the white bird can drop explosive eggs and the pigs are also available in different size and shapes, Such as some pigs wear helmets etc.

Every level of the game start with number, types and order of birds pre determined. If the player is successful in destroying all the pigs by the time the last bird is used that particular level is completed and next level is unlocked automatically.

These are some of the features of angry birds which makes the game more interesting and the players get addictive to angry birds for pc free download.

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