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Are There Any Games Like Angry Birds

There are many Games Like Angry Birds available online now a days. Most of the games are based on flash however one just cant compare them with Angry Birds as people are addicted to angry birds however one can find Games Like Angry Birds free of cost online.But the major problem with the clone games are most of them are online games which require internet connection and one cannot play them offline or without internet.

We will now have a look at few of the physics based games which do not require constant connection most of the time.

World of Goo: Most of us have forgetted this game since angry birds was launched. This game was considered as the indine paradise few years back however it lost its popularity and fallen off the face. The graphics and style used in this game is almost similar to Angry Birds. However the user has to spend more time playing with Goo and its not any old goo most of the time the player has to use the goo for making bridges and buildings and most of us might played the game called Play Doh when we were kids and therefore you will know what to expect in Games Like Angry Birds

At first when you start playing this game its looks so easy however as the game progresses it becomes extremely difficult as the player have to build more complex building structures. Ultimately the player has to learn the game to create and find out the right solution as if one thing goes wrong the whole structure will be sinking down in a gooey mess.

This game is available for $20 on game developer site and less than $10 on Amazon and this game is compatible with windows, linux and Mac.

 Crush the Castle 2

Games Like Angry Birds such as crush the castle is almost a clone to Angry Birds and is available on flash game sites and on Armor games site in this game the goal of the player is to kill the pig by dropping a variety of bombs and rocks on them.

S320 Anycool Cellular Trial 3 Sim Blackberry Style:

This game is not like other Games Like Angry Birds and is much better than many of the angry birds clones however the graphic and design is not as good as angry birds. The main task in this game is to complete your task in as few shots as possible and this game is even supported by a huge variety of ammo types which add more excitement in the game.

Many people think that the game is web based and it is true however the good news is that you can download the flash file on your pc,iPad,iPhone and you don’t need any internet connection to play it once you downloaded the game. You will require a net connection only if you want to use any of the online features of the game.

Crazy Machines 1+2:

If the creator of this game would have launched this Games Like Angry Birds after 2008 there might be good chances for this game to get much attention such as the world of Goo. However the original Crazy Machines was really interesting in early 2005 and soon it went under the radar as the players lost interest in it.

Any way they have introduced its new version but both the previous version and new version have related game play where the player has to solve the challenge with the tools available. Eventually the tools are used for moving an object or knocking. These are few of the Games Like Angry Birds available online.

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