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Do You Know How To Play Angry Birds

You should know How To Play Angry Birds because if this is your first time you will be confused on what to do and what not to do mechanism. You will love this mind blowing, enjoying and addictive game if you know how to play it. Below I am listing the tutorial on How To Play Angry Birds

Most Significant Mechanism Of Angry Birds:

The first thing you should know in order to destroy the enemies is by knowing how to use those slingshots by dropping the angry birds on them. You can knock down all the dirty pigs either by hitting them directly or by attacking their hiding place so that it falls on them and the enemy gets destroyed.

In every stage there will be certain number of birds, which will be unlocked for you to use and shoot at your enemy. That’s why its important that you know How To Play Angry Birds as the less birds you use to knock down your enemies the more points you will gain in each level.

Therefore its important that you practice angry birds as it will help you in thinking innovatively and you will be able to create new shooting shots and thus move fast to other levels.

When You Get Stars and Points:

Whenever you kill or smash any of the pigs or their terrioteries, which are made of ice, boulder, wood etc. You will get points for destroying any of them. If you know How To Play Angry Birds you can score 1 star very easily however to attain 2 stars you need to score a bit higher while you will get 3 stars only if you think creatively and with some tricks.

Angry Birds and The Enemy:

The game starts when the enemies who want to eat the angry birds eggs and they snatch the eggs form birds, which leads to a war in between the birds and the evil pigs. However if you know How To Play Angry Birds you will notice many types of angry birds and pigs.

While the birds are differentiated by colors such as red, orange, yellow, white etc. The pigs too have different colors and sizes and you may see few of the enemies wearing crowns, helmets and much more, and sometimes it’s too hard to find them as pigs hide themselves inside a base.

What Achievements and Accomplishments You Can Get:

As I mentioned above also that if you know How To Play Angry Birds as there are too many tasks, which you have to do in, order to get some awesome awards and prizes. Once you start playing angry birds believe me you will not get bored and I guarantee that you will be addictive to this game slowly.

At present Angry Birds is playable on 11 platforms such Android, Phone and if you are using a pc you can play Angry Birds by using Google Chrome browser and there are many more platforms where you can just give it a try.

I bet anyone who plays this gave will fell in love with this game and it will become like their appetite and they will be addictive to it but before make sure that you know all the rules on How To Play Angry Birds

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