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Free Angry Birds For PC

How you can get free angry birds for pc. Angry Birds is a very popular game on portable smart phones and the latest tablets and they have introduced free angry birds for pc too.

Angry birds is a clever game and its quite often that the players become addictive to it.

It’s a wired game where a group of pigs have stolen the birds eggs which make them too angry and mad and as a player its your job to help the birds from those unusual and fortresses that have been created by pigs.

As a player you have to launch the birds with a ling shot like device on the screen.

However you may think that oh it’s so easy but when you actually play the game you will realize that it’s not so easy as it sounds.

Free Angry Birds For PC

Free Angry Birds For PC

One has to find out how to break through those pig’s fortresses which is designed very cleverly designed. As you play free angry birds for pc you realize that what different colors birds can do as the red is the basic birds when you launch the game.

When you progress through different stages you get different options with different colors birds such as black, white with different functionality.

The graphics used for free angry birds for pc are really stunning and you will really enjoy playing it as the game is really fun. However the only draw back if you are looking for free angry birds for pc is that you have to install the Google Chrome browser to play it.

 Installing Google Chrome browser is very easy you can go to google chrome website to install the browser once the browser is installed just go to the Chrome web store and install the game.

System Requirements:

Operating System/OS: Windows XP SP2

Hard disk space 50 MB

RAM 512 MB

OpenGL dan RAM 32MB

Graphic OpenGL 1.3 compatible

VGA Card DirectX

Run the installer file EXEnya

How To install Angry Birds Rio

Once the installation is finished click on the setup wizard Angry Birds make sure you uncheck the launch Angry Birds Rio and then click on the finish button.

Then you have to Run the file patch.exe in a patch folder and find where you have saved AB.exe file by default it is saved in programs files once you are at Ab.exe click on patch then enter the serial number which you can find in the folder.

After doing all the steps correctly free angry birds for pc will be installed and you can start playing the game.

How to play free angry birds for pc:

The game starts when the birds are kidnap in a magical city with a range of cages and they are worried and in need of your help desperately. The birds are mistreated and they need to save their companion and hunts for their pursuer.

While playing free angry birds for pc you have advantage, as there are seven more stages for playing free angry birds for pc chrome users. You can find google chrome logo at different stages and when you click on it one of the seven special stages is unlocked and there are different google chrome icons in those stages such as bricks and blocks and you as a user will have lot of fund playing free angry birds for pc on your pc.

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