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How To Beat Angry Birds Fast

If you are looking for How To Beat Angry Birds then you are at the right site. As you know that Angry Birds is a physic puzzler game which has broken many records and its one of the best selling iPhone app available in the market.

The game became so addictive that people all round the globe are spending more than 200 million minutes per day playing How To Beat Angry Birds. However the game looks so simple in the beginning but its not so easy as its full of secrets which the player is not aware of.

If you have played How To Beat Angry Birds you may already know that angry birds faces struggle through out the game from pigs and as a player its your duty to help angry birds from the pigs by destroying their towers and houses.

How to score high:

To attain high score you need to get 3 stars in every level and the players can even unlock the next stage by killing all the birds. You can attain high scores easily if you are able to save some angry birds or unused birds and even smashed objects gives you some points that get accumulated quickly.

The player has to use both strategies and make sure that you use maximum birds to get all three stars as using few birds will not help you in attaining all 3 stars if you fail to do much damage to the pigs.

Get physical

How To Beat Angry Birds the player should focus of attacking at the weak points rather firing blindly at the reinforced walls. As the game progresses you will notice that there are some materials which are sturdier than others and there is no use of knocking blindly on the stonewalls.

Useful Tips:

To view the complete battlefield of How To Beat Angry Birds at once you can just click on zoom in order to see how far you catapult is from the enemy.

Whenever you use a bird you get the idea and you don’t have to put on your thinking cap and depend upon tedious guesswork and you can replicate it easily.

As now you know How To Beat Angry Birds theres no need to attack always from left to right instead you can aim the bird high to attack from above. You should wait till your previous angry bird disappears as if you try to hit your last angry bird dazed body you will be disappointed ultimately therefore its important that you wait for your previous bird to disappear.

Red Angry Birds :

These are the birds which are unlocked from the beginning and you will achieve 10 points from each bird the player can use this little birds for a range of targets but you have to make sure that you release them close to the targets and in order to make the most damage you have to smash all three birds in a single area at once.

Egg dropping material angry birds:

By using this How To Beat Angry Birds the player can launch an explosive egg from backside even before firing the deflated friend in the stratosphere you should try to get as low as possible to make the maximum splash damage.

These are few angry birds but there are may color and size birds, which are unlocked as you, move on to next levels on How To Beat Angry Birds.

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