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How To Download Angry Birds Wallpaper

Today many people look for Angry Birds Wallpaper online. As you know that Angry Birds have broken all records in the gaming industry. Rovio Mobiles launched angry birds in December 2009 when bird flu and swine flu was spreading all over the world virally.

Therefore the company decided to develop a game where angry looking birds chases the pigs. Initially there was no plan for developing this game however when the gaming head came up with the proposal of angry birds and displayed it in front of the staff members they all were excited and fell in love with the concept and therefore the company decided to develop this exciting game.

When the game was launched no one knew that Angry Birds Wallpapers, pictures and the game itself will became such a huge hit all over the world. Today people are crazy about angry birds and they love it so much that they even discuss about this exciting game in forums, social networking sites and even with their friends and family.

According to estimation people all round the world search for Angry Birds Wallpaper, pictures and game and on an average spends around 200 million minutes per day playing this simple yet exciting game.

Since the launch the game has been downloaded more than 12 million times according to Rovio and with the huge success of original angry birds version one the company launched different versions such as angry birds seasons, angry birds Rio and recently angry birds space was launched.

Why Angry Birds Wallpaper, pictures and game is so popular is because of its simplicity as when the user start playing the game it look so simple however as the game advances its get tougher and tougher and the graphic and design used in this game are awesome which keeps the players engaged for hours.

The whole concept is based on physic puzzle where the naughty pigs snatch the eggs of the birds and the chaos between the bird and the enemies begins.

As a player it’s your duty to help the birds in taking revenge with the enemies by creating a slingshot in order to knock down the naughty pigs. At first only red birds a unlocked and which are also known as basic birds however in later stages birds with different sizes and colours are available to the players, with different abilities such as dropping bombs etc.

Even the naughty pigs are available in different size and shapes and sometimes even wearing helmets etc. You have to knock down all the pigs in each level to get more stars, eggs and bonuses.

Angry Birds Wallpaper, pictures are so famous that they are everywhere and from T-shirts, Toys and its even estimated that they will be the brand ambassadors of formula 1 racing.

Rovio has now officially announced that angry birds full version is available for free and if you want to play angry birds on your pc you can play the game easily with google chrome browser and you can even download pictures and Angry Birds Wallpaper from the Internet.

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