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How To Get Angry Birds Rio Download

As you might know that Angry Birds Rio Download is the talk of the town, which is created by Rovio Mobile. The game was launched in 2009 ending and it became an instant hit all over the globe.

Angry Birds Rio DownloadIts popularity led the company to create more advance version of Angry Birds Rio Download and in this new edition they have added the following features.

  1. 60 Amazing level with two breathtaking episodes.
  2. Added new achievements and prizes.
  3. Secret fruits

The characters of the angry birds are shown in Rio de Janeiro in this new version and they interact with other characters through film. There are two chapters in Angry Birds Rio Download in the initial stage and the birds rescue other caged and exotic birds and knock down their enemies in the remaining two chapters.

The new version of Angry Birds Rio Download was released in March 2011 specially for iOS, Mac, Android and the company is also trying to launch angry birds animated movie with Twentieth Century Fox.

Angry Birds Rio Download has become such a huge hit that even today people love it so much as it has become one of the worlds best game available online. Levi Buchanan from IGN said that the Angry Birds is a snappy and sensible game with new series of chapters.

This is the reason that Angry Birds Rio Download has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The first chapter called Seaside Volley was released in March 2011 for symbian users, android, iOS, which included more than 30 online gaming, levels.

Soon the company launched their second update in June 2011 with new chapter called the Carnival Upheaval it was half version and the remaining half they released in July 2011 with an upcoming updates for the month of October-November.

After the release of their original version of Angry Birds Rio Download the which was released only of iPhone, iPod Touch however the company released this version of game for other gadgets too and one of the very first gadget was Nokia N900 in which the user can access the game via Ovi Keep.

In the year 2010 when Apple launched iPad Angry Birds Rio Download created a high definition version for iPad users and released this version in the year 2010. For Palm Pre telephone and jogging Palm’s webOS were able to run the game by applying the technique of the app catalog of the web retailer.

The symbian phone edition was released in last quarter of 2010 and its users were only able to play the poached eggs and mighty hoax episodes and later they were able to play the other two versions which are danger above and other advance stages.

System requirement for Angry Birds Rio Download:

Operating system: Window’s vista/XP/7

Memory: Minimum 2GB RAM

Hard Disk Space: Minimum of 12 GB

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or you can use AMD Phenom X3 8750 or more advanced such as i3,i5 etc.


ATI Radeon X1950Pro/Shader 3.0/256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT.

If your system has the above configuration there will be no problem in downloading Angry Birds Rio Download.

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