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How To Get Angry Birds Torrent

If you are looking for Angry Birds Torrent you are at the right place. Angry birds are a game, which is created by Rovio Mobile, and initially they designed the game for mobile phones tablets and later introduced it to other platforms.

The people who don’t know about angry birds here is a brief introduction of the game. The main concept of the game are the birds the hero’s and the pigs the villains the game begins when the pigs snatch the eggs of the birds and the birds goes crazy and the chase begins so as a player you have to create slingshots in order to destroy the enemies which are mostly of green colors but in different levels and stages they are available in different shapes and sizes so do the birds.

As a player you have to help the birds in demolishing the houses of pigs, which looks very easy in the beginning but becomes tough as the game progresses.

It is estimated that more than 50 million individuals all round the world have downloaded Angry Birds Torrent. People who became addictive to this game have spent few dollars on these games to get the latest and advance versions and the most important factor is that the players became so

Addictive that they spent almost 200 million minutes per day playing Angry Birds Torrent and approximately people are spending around 1.2 billion hours per year playing this simple yet interesting game.

When compared to other games were the enemies are killed with in 3-5 seconds after the attack but this is not the case when it comes to Angry Birds Torrent and this is one of the main reasons why people are spending so much time on Angry Birds Torrent is that it takes long time to knock down the pigs even after destroying their houses

If you are playing this game for the first time it will not be so easy to clear all the level as its requires a lot of practice and at sometimes you may think how lame you are when compare to your kids who already crossed more than 20 levels.

Hasil gambar untuk Get Angry Birds Torrent downloadHasil gambar untuk Get Angry Birds Torrent downloadTherefore you have to relax and think so that you can plan a strategy to make a great arc with more speed and improve your next slingshot.  That’s why its necessary that you first observe the game when some one is playing and try to think and make strategies so that the next time you play you don’t end up spending more time and energy in finding out what to do and what not to.

If we take example of Wikipedia the entire time spent in creating and updating Wikipedia is estimated about 100 million hours and now just look at the figure of Angry Birds Torrent as people are spending double the time of Wikipedia.

So now you can imagine how people have become addictive to this simple yet interesting game.

The graphics and the engaging software used in this game are awesome which is why Angry Birds Torrent is a true winner among rest of the games available online.

Steps On How To Install Angry Birds Torrent

How to install:

1.once you find a torrent first extract the File.

2.Then go to msvcr 100 Folder and copy the DLL file to: c:\Windows\System32

3.Finally go to angry birds folder and play.

  1. If you get any error such as: the application configurations are incorrect then try this fix (as exsquared said).

If you follow the above steps correctly then you will not have any problem in playing Angry Birds Torrent.

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