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How To Make Angry Birds Cake

Now you can make Angry Birds Cake on your children’s birthday parties as angry birds are now not only a video game but it has become a way of life for most of us. Whenever people gets spare time they just take out their smart phone and start playing angry birds as it’s a best way of time pass and people have lot of fun playing the game as the birds makes some funny sounds.

Nobody even thought that the game will become such a huge hit but the exceptional graphics and the amazing physic puzzle with extra ordinary design keeps the people engage therefore people spend more time playing angry birds then any other game and it’s a game which is enjoyed and played by people of all age groups.


Rovio Mobile launched this game in December 2009 and the first version was only for iPhone and iPad users later they introduced it for android and symbian since its launched it is estimated that the game has been downloaded more than 12 million times.


Due to its popularity the company has officially announced that the game will be available for free and if you use google chrom browser on your pc you can play the game for free which is amazing.


The company has launched may version of the game such as angry birds seasons, angry birds rio, angry birds space where zero gravitation is used and the latest one is Mine and Dine version.


The game has become so popular that people are keeping the theme of their birthday parties or functions on angry birds and even people are dressing as angry birds on occasions like Halloweens day. Therefore if you are going in some ones birthday or if you are giving a birthday party you can have Angry Birds Cake and the main theme of the party as angry birds.


You can easily get Angry Birds Cake, and other party items, as they are available in the market easily. You and your guest can enjoy a fantastic birthday celebration by keeping angry birds as the theme of the party.


One can think creative and arrange for party plates, which are created with the characters of the game and even other items, which will feature different colors birds and the naughty pigs and many other merchandise you can easily order from different internet sources.


If you are attending a birthday party of your friend or colleague the best part will be to present them Angry Birds Cake and their reaction will be wow when they see the cake for the first time I am sure they will love it. You need the Angry Birds Cake to be decorated by an expert and the cake can be adorned by other things such as colorful angry birds, edible cake accents and customized cake toppers.


If you decorate your Angry Birds Cake with the entire above thing it will make the cake look amazing and everyone will love it. Therefore to make your birthday more interesting order Angry Birds Cake and enjoy your birthday celebration.

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