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How To Play Angry Birds Game Online

When Angry Birds Game Online was launched in the year 2009 since then

It has been in the limelight and received much appreciation from the users with a lot of positive comments all over the globe and created a gaming storm in the online world.

The main theme of the game is that the game begins when the evil pigs run off with the bird’s eggs and the birds get mad and chase the pigs through out the game.

How To Play Angry Birds Game Online

How To Play Angry Birds Game Online

Initially the only red bird is unlocked and once the player clears that level different types of birds are unlocked at different levels such as orange, blue, white.

However most of the time the Pigs are in green color but as the player advance to next level pigs will also change their shape and sizes such as pigs with helmets, snow etc.

Angry Birds Game Online became such a huge hit that even in social networking sites like face book, twitter, linked in people are talking about the craze of the game from more than two years.

Before December 2009 people were playing other games such as farm ville etc. However the moment Angry Birds Game Online was launched it spread virally and it has surpassed all the other online games and all the credit goes to the developers of this game as they truly deserve it for thinking such a simple yet interesting concept and for using such a amazing graphics which lets the user engaged in the game for hours.

The company never had the plan of launching Angry Birds Game Online  a senior game designer when laid the proposal to the staff they were amazed with such a cool design and they loved it so much that the end result was the birth of Angry Birds Game Online .

At first the designer head just showed the main character of the game that is angry birds to the staff members and after look at his proposal and without giving a second thought the gaming company Rovio Mobile decided to go ahead and accepted the proposal and when the game was launched in December 2009 with in few months it became a huge hit as the game play is simple and not so fussy and the user love it so much that they are addictive to Angry Birds Game Online.

At first the company launched premium version and later introduced free version too and today many people all over the world search on how download Angry Birds Game Online for free.

However there are not many sites, which will give you the exact information on how to get Angry Birds Game Online for free and some times people search for cracked or mirror version of the game so that they can download and install not only on their systems but to share with their friends and family.

There are few genuine sites where the user can get the exact link for downloading Angry Birds Game Online. However if we think ethically the developer of the game has shed his sweat in order to develop the game so that they can earn money with it therefore we should try to respect them stop hunting for cracked versions of Angry Birds Game Online.

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