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How To Beat Angry Birds Fast

If you are looking for How To Beat Angry Birds then you are at the right site. As you know that Angry Birds is a physic puzzler game which has broken many records and its one of the best selling iPhone app available in the market.

The game became so addictive that people all round the globe are spending more than 200 million minutes per day playing How To Beat Angry Birds. However the game looks so simple in the beginning but its not so easy as its full of secrets which the player is not aware of.

If you have played How To Beat Angry Birds you may already know that angry birds faces struggle through out the game from pigs and as a player its your duty to help angry birds from the pigs by destroying their towers and houses.

How to score high:

To attain high score you need to get 3 stars in every level and the players can even unlock the next stage by killing all the birds. You can attain high scores easily if you are able to save some angry birds or unused birds and even smashed objects gives you some points that get accumulated quickly.

The player has to use both strategies and make sure that you use maximum birds to get all three stars as using few birds will not help you in attaining all 3 stars if you fail to do much damage to the pigs.

Get physical

How To Beat Angry Birds the player should focus of attacking at the weak points rather firing blindly at the reinforced walls. As the game progresses you will notice that there are some materials which are sturdier than others and there is no use of knocking blindly on the stonewalls.

Useful Tips:

To view the complete battlefield of How To Beat Angry Birds at once you can just click on zoom in order to see how far you catapult is from the enemy.

Whenever you use a bird you get the idea and you don’t have to put on your thinking cap and depend upon tedious guesswork and you can replicate it easily.

As now you know How To Beat Angry Birds theres no need to attack always from left to right instead you can aim the bird high to attack from above. You should wait till your previous angry bird disappears as if you try to hit your last angry bird dazed body you will be disappointed ultimately therefore its important that you wait for your previous bird to disappear.

Red Angry Birds :

These are the birds which are unlocked from the beginning and you will achieve 10 points from each bird the player can use this little birds for a range of targets but you have to make sure that you release them close to the targets and in order to make the most damage you have to smash all three birds in a single area at once.

Egg dropping material angry birds:

By using this How To Beat Angry Birds the player can launch an explosive egg from backside even before firing the deflated friend in the stratosphere you should try to get as low as possible to make the maximum splash damage.

These are few angry birds but there are may color and size birds, which are unlocked as you, move on to next levels on How To Beat Angry Birds.


Do You Know How To Play Angry Birds

You should know How To Play Angry Birds because if this is your first time you will be confused on what to do and what not to do mechanism. You will love this mind blowing, enjoying and addictive game if you know how to play it. Below I am listing the tutorial on How To Play Angry Birds

Most Significant Mechanism Of Angry Birds:

The first thing you should know in order to destroy the enemies is by knowing how to use those slingshots by dropping the angry birds on them. You can knock down all the dirty pigs either by hitting them directly or by attacking their hiding place so that it falls on them and the enemy gets destroyed.

In every stage there will be certain number of birds, which will be unlocked for you to use and shoot at your enemy. That’s why its important that you know How To Play Angry Birds as the less birds you use to knock down your enemies the more points you will gain in each level.

Therefore its important that you practice angry birds as it will help you in thinking innovatively and you will be able to create new shooting shots and thus move fast to other levels.

When You Get Stars and Points:

Whenever you kill or smash any of the pigs or their terrioteries, which are made of ice, boulder, wood etc. You will get points for destroying any of them. If you know How To Play Angry Birds you can score 1 star very easily however to attain 2 stars you need to score a bit higher while you will get 3 stars only if you think creatively and with some tricks.

Angry Birds and The Enemy:

The game starts when the enemies who want to eat the angry birds eggs and they snatch the eggs form birds, which leads to a war in between the birds and the evil pigs. However if you know How To Play Angry Birds you will notice many types of angry birds and pigs.

While the birds are differentiated by colors such as red, orange, yellow, white etc. The pigs too have different colors and sizes and you may see few of the enemies wearing crowns, helmets and much more, and sometimes it’s too hard to find them as pigs hide themselves inside a base.

What Achievements and Accomplishments You Can Get:

As I mentioned above also that if you know How To Play Angry Birds as there are too many tasks, which you have to do in, order to get some awesome awards and prizes. Once you start playing angry birds believe me you will not get bored and I guarantee that you will be addictive to this game slowly.

At present Angry Birds is playable on 11 platforms such Android, Phone and if you are using a pc you can play Angry Birds by using Google Chrome browser and there are many more platforms where you can just give it a try.

I bet anyone who plays this gave will fell in love with this game and it will become like their appetite and they will be addictive to it but before make sure that you know all the rules on How To Play Angry Birds


What is Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough

Rovio developed Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough especially for iPhone, which has a variety of angry birds in order to eliminate their enemies including different holiday themes. In this version of iPhone there are around 15 stages of Hogs and Kisses I am listing some important tips and tricks, which will help you in eliminating the pigs fast.

Level 1 Hogs and Kisses:

In this level of Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough you have to knock down five pigs in order to clear the level and you can do this easily if you try to fire your angry birds from top and a little towards your left so that they can land exactly on the hearts in which the pigs will be hiding themselves. However make sure thate you drop the birds the moment they starts their downward arc.

Level 2 Hogs and Kisses:

Like the first level this level too has five pigs out of which 4 pigs are located under the rickety wooden structure and the last one flying above it you can destroy the wooden structure from the leftmost wall and try to use your second explosive bird for it.

After using your two birds above you can use your third bird like a bowling ball to destroy the rest of the pigs, which are lying on the ground, and if you forgot anything or if there is something left you can use your last bird.

Level 3 Hogs and Kisses:

In level three of Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough you will find 5 pigs again however this time they will be hiding themselves on ships which are made up of clouds,ice and wood. In this level the pigs are covered by snow so your focus should not be on pigs and rather you should focus on the snow, which holds them.

Just fire all your birds at once with the intention of clearing the clouds from the bottom, which will result in crashing the ground, and the pigs will be eliminated smoothly.

Level 4 Hogs and Kisses:

In this stage of Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough it will be easier for you to destroy your enemies, as you will have birds, which are capable of dropping bombs. You can start with the left most one and you need only one bird to destroy this and later you can use two birds to destroy the structure completely.

Level 5 Hogs and Kisses:

 You can use your white bird in this level make sure you bounce the bird just below the structure so that it tap and bounces which will help in clearing some of the clouds and then you can use your other 3 birds to collapse the structure completely.

Level 6 Hogs and Kisses:

In this level of Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough you can use your first two birds to take down the house on the left where you can use your first bird to take down the wall and second for hitting the explosive box and the chimney will fall on the pig and the third bird can be used to knock down the floating pig. The last bird can be used to clear the pigs from the ground level.

Level 7 Hogs and Kisses:

In this stage you can use your first two birds to hit the block wings and balloons, which are, attached to the structures and which in turn results in weakening it. After that you can use your second bird and hit in the middle of standing stick and it will result in the whole structure to fall down and remaining two pigs can be eliminated by using your other two angry birds.

Level 8 Hogs and Kisses:

If you think innovatively then you can clear this level with just one angry bird you have to hit the first standing structure at the top aiming to knock off the triangle, which will have a chain reaction causing everything else to collapse too.

Level 9 Hogs and Kisses: In this stage of Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough your first shot needs to be some what tricky and its possible that just by firing your first bird in a arc position which will destroy the two floating pigs and the pig on the right most at the ground level. Then you can use your second bird to destroy the tower and with your third bird you can destroy the pig hiding in the house by firing the bird straight in the air so that it lands exactly on the roof of the pigs house if its not destroyed completely you may need to use your fourth bird too.

Level 10 Hogs and Kisses:

In this stage you can aim at the concrete block, which is located at the first wheeled structure. You can clear the other tow pigs on top of the glass heart, by using your second shot. Use your other two birds to eliminate the last pig.

Level 11 Hogs and Kisses: In this stage of Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough you need to fire the bird high in the air creating an arc shape which will help in knocking down the two pigs wearing bows on the far right. You can use your second slingshot to clear the pigs, which will be hiding inside the glass heart. You should aim your third shot straight towards your right, which will fall on the tower, and the explosive box will blow eliminating the enemies.

Level 12 Hogs and Kisses:

In order to take out the pig wearing a helmet in single shot you should aim your first shot at downward slope. Later you can use your second bird in an arc position to tap over the house and result in destroying the bottom of the house and only one pig will be left in the middle of the screen. Use your third angry bird straight into the air and it will land exactly on top of the pig.

Level 13 Hogs and Kisses:

Once again in this stage of Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough you have to clear the clouds that are holding wooden structures. You have to use two birds for this where you will use your first bird to fire at the silver box on the left side and repeat the same shot with your second bird and it will take down the left side completely. After that just fire your remaining two birds to clear the clouds and the pigs will fall down .

Level 14 Hogs and Kisses:

In this stage you should aim your first shot to hit the wooden block at the right in front of the candies box. Which will have a chain reaction and the structure will fall down and then you can use your other birds to clear rest off the clouds.

Level 15 Hogs and Kisses:

This is the last level in Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough and in this stage thee is one important thing you should keep in your mind that in all of the stages our main focus was to clear the bottom clouds whereas in this level our focus should be on clearing the top clouds. Which will result in things to fall down automatically and explode and all pigs will be eliminated.

Congratulation as now you knows how to use your smart phones for playing Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough.


How To Get Angry Birds Rio Download

As you might know that Angry Birds Rio Download is the talk of the town, which is created by Rovio Mobile. The game was launched in 2009 ending and it became an instant hit all over the globe.

Angry Birds Rio DownloadIts popularity led the company to create more advance version of Angry Birds Rio Download and in this new edition they have added the following features.

  1. 60 Amazing level with two breathtaking episodes.
  2. Added new achievements and prizes.
  3. Secret fruits

The characters of the angry birds are shown in Rio de Janeiro in this new version and they interact with other characters through film. There are two chapters in Angry Birds Rio Download in the initial stage and the birds rescue other caged and exotic birds and knock down their enemies in the remaining two chapters.

The new version of Angry Birds Rio Download was released in March 2011 specially for iOS, Mac, Android and the company is also trying to launch angry birds animated movie with Twentieth Century Fox.

Angry Birds Rio Download has become such a huge hit that even today people love it so much as it has become one of the worlds best game available online. Levi Buchanan from IGN said that the Angry Birds is a snappy and sensible game with new series of chapters.

This is the reason that Angry Birds Rio Download has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The first chapter called Seaside Volley was released in March 2011 for symbian users, android, iOS, which included more than 30 online gaming, levels.

Soon the company launched their second update in June 2011 with new chapter called the Carnival Upheaval it was half version and the remaining half they released in July 2011 with an upcoming updates for the month of October-November.

After the release of their original version of Angry Birds Rio Download the which was released only of iPhone, iPod Touch however the company released this version of game for other gadgets too and one of the very first gadget was Nokia N900 in which the user can access the game via Ovi Keep.

In the year 2010 when Apple launched iPad Angry Birds Rio Download created a high definition version for iPad users and released this version in the year 2010. For Palm Pre telephone and jogging Palm’s webOS were able to run the game by applying the technique of the app catalog of the web retailer.

The symbian phone edition was released in last quarter of 2010 and its users were only able to play the poached eggs and mighty hoax episodes and later they were able to play the other two versions which are danger above and other advance stages.

System requirement for Angry Birds Rio Download:

Operating system: Window’s vista/XP/7

Memory: Minimum 2GB RAM

Hard Disk Space: Minimum of 12 GB

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or you can use AMD Phenom X3 8750 or more advanced such as i3,i5 etc.


ATI Radeon X1950Pro/Shader 3.0/256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT.

If your system has the above configuration there will be no problem in downloading Angry Birds Rio Download.


What Is Angry Birds Space

There are millions of people who love Angry Birds Space and this is the latest version and this new version is also related to physics based puzzles with a slight twist in gravitational and the users get addictive to Angry Birds Space too.

The company Rovio has teamed up with NASA in order to help them in launching heir new version of Angry Birds Space, however they took their own time and liberties according to professor Rhett Allain the professor of southeastern Louisiana.

Professor Rhett Allain said that the gravity on the bird in Angry Birds Space is nothing but a constant value and the orbital motion that is used as the further you go the force apply gets less and this is not at all true in this case as the mass of other planets would be so large in order to get this kind of bordering.

If this were true then the birds would have to be sent in such a dimension where the mass itself behaves differently. As different gaming companies have their own physics engines and the physics applied in Angry Birds Space is deliberately nuts. Which makes some of the games looks more interesting than others.

Let us assume if there was any frictional force then they could have used the kinetic position to find a particular function for Angry Birds Space and the total energy would have been constant.

When the friction force is on the opposite direction when compared to the velocity of the bird however it’s just a guess if its correct then we can look at the rotations of the birds.

With zero gravity the Angry Birds Space ahs more than 60 interstellar stage that is an amazing gaming platform starting from slow motion puzzles to lightening speed destructions and now you can say to yourself that sky is not the limit as it’s a place where Angry Birds Space starts.

However the original angry birds looks simple and is predictable game while the latest version of Angry Birds Space is planetary with atmospheric speed which are the most important challenges as the player has to create that lucky shot and its not that easy.

But the players will enjoy this new version as the birds will be roaming around planets and knocking new obstacle.

Now a days there are so many duplicate and clone app like angry birds which are easily available in online and Coco Loco is one of them and their concept of profitability when compare to angry birds is they created a stimulating hot chocolate and marshmallows theme this game is also based on physics puzzle and the player has to destroy the blocks in order to rescue their colleagues puffy confectionery and divert the flow of cocoa slice all the way through jelly dodge flames and other mind blowing challenges to make them free.

When compared to Angry Birds Space coco loco is available for 99 cents while the angry birds has a price tag of $2.99