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What Is Angry Birds 2

Rovio Mobiles recently announced Angry Birds 2 and named their venture as Mine and Dine. In this new version the enemies will steal more eggs from the birds and hides themselves underground hoping for some more eggs and the birds are totally pissed off and wants their eggs back from those evil green pigs.

The Mine and Dine series of Angry Birds 2 will have some new features in all the levels of the game which includes the costumes and props, wooden beams, miner helmets, loose boulders with different twist for every stage of the game.

Recently the company twitted that Angry Birds 2 edition has been submitted to Apple App Store and you may think that this new version will launch in just weeks due to the popularity of the game and the magic it has created upon people from all round the world.

One of the coincidence is when Steve Jobs of Apple App gave a keynote speech regarding the Mine and Dine in his speech he said that Angry Birds 2 chapter will be the continuation of the Angry Birds Franchise and not Angry Birds and on the same day Rovio announced that they started working on Angry Birds 2 Mine and Dine version.

The most important thing is whether the company Rovio Mobile will be continuing developing new versions of Angry Birds as to update one game or one version is not that hard however making changes or updates in all the version is not so easy as you may know that the three main games of the franchise are Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio.

 However the company has developed other versions too such as Angry Birds Magic which is basically incorporates with NFC Technology of Nokia C7 smart phones. Rovio has also developed angry birds for pc users, which they named it as Angry Birds Chrome and its available free of cost through Google Chrome browser and now they are coming up with their latest version called Angry Birds 2.

One should admire the ability of the company developers to change and evolve the game constantly, which is really a good education, and with every new change people get more excited and have more fun.

There are many factors involved in the games popularity and one of them is the bonus level. You can unlock additional 5 levels of the game if you own a Nokia c7 phone all you have to do is tap it with another persons Nokia c7 and this is not one time every time you tap with new users or new owners additional 5 levels will be unlocked automatically.

One more example is the usage of various themes if you have played Rio de Janeiro you can do settings according to your choice and when they will release Angry Birds 2 I bet that it will also be a fun to play individually or with your family or friends.

They introduce new props and costumes in every version such as dynamite, pickaxes army helmets etc. This is one of the reasons that every one is waiting for the latest version of Angry Birds 2.


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