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What Is Angry Birds PSP

If you are looking for Angry Birds PSP then you are at the right website. As you know that angry birds is one of the most popular and successful video game available in the online world today. If you haven’t heard about angry birds then you are certainly living on other planet. The game has become such a huge success because of its simplicity and designs which keeps the player busy and indirectly people spend more time playing angry birds and so far no other game has come as close as to angry birds.

Due to the success of the first version of angry birds the company have released other versions too such as angry birds rio, angry birds seasons etc. The first version was released only for iPhone and iPad users only later the company released its new versions for android, symbian too and now the game is compatible with any touch screen platforms.

You can fling the bird with the slingshot to destroy the structures in order to knock down the naughty pigs, which are hiding themselves in and around those structures, and you get points and bonuses for clearing different levels.

Now the company has even launched Angry Birds PSP for Play station 3 and PSP users. This platform is most probably untouched when compare to touch screen however Angry Birds PSP have some performance issues.

The game is so interesting and when the game start you only have the basic red birds why there are called as basic birds is because they can only fly and hit the stuff in front on them however as you move on to other levels different types of birds with different colors and sizes are available which have different abilities..

If you play Angry Birds PSP for the first time you may think its so simple however it gets tougher and tougher as you moves on to next level and mastering the techniques is very important as without practice you will not be able to clear the levels and get stuck at the same level.

The blue bird can be split into 3 small birds and if you tap X when yellow bird is in the air it will shoot out like a torpedo and smashes the structures in front of them with unbelievable speed You have to practice Angry Birds PSP so that you can clear the levels and unlock golden eggs, bonuses and rewards.

Angry birds is really a interesting game that’s why its been loved by people of all ages and all over the world. By seeing the interest of the people the company is also launching new versions every now and then to wow their users. Such as angry birds space, Angry Birds PSP and the Mine and Dine version and even the company has officially announced that the users can now download Angry birds full versions for free which is a huge bonus to the fans of angry birds.

Now Angry Birds PSP is available on play station 3 and psp platforms too.

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