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What Is Angry Birds Space

There are millions of people who love Angry Birds Space and this is the latest version and this new version is also related to physics based puzzles with a slight twist in gravitational and the users get addictive to Angry Birds Space too.

The company Rovio has teamed up with NASA in order to help them in launching heir new version of Angry Birds Space, however they took their own time and liberties according to professor Rhett Allain the professor of southeastern Louisiana.

Professor Rhett Allain said that the gravity on the bird in Angry Birds Space is nothing but a constant value and the orbital motion that is used as the further you go the force apply gets less and this is not at all true in this case as the mass of other planets would be so large in order to get this kind of bordering.

If this were true then the birds would have to be sent in such a dimension where the mass itself behaves differently. As different gaming companies have their own physics engines and the physics applied in Angry Birds Space is deliberately nuts. Which makes some of the games looks more interesting than others.

Let us assume if there was any frictional force then they could have used the kinetic position to find a particular function for Angry Birds Space and the total energy would have been constant.

When the friction force is on the opposite direction when compared to the velocity of the bird however it’s just a guess if its correct then we can look at the rotations of the birds.

With zero gravity the Angry Birds Space ahs more than 60 interstellar stage that is an amazing gaming platform starting from slow motion puzzles to lightening speed destructions and now you can say to yourself that sky is not the limit as it’s a place where Angry Birds Space starts.

However the original angry birds looks simple and is predictable game while the latest version of Angry Birds Space is planetary with atmospheric speed which are the most important challenges as the player has to create that lucky shot and its not that easy.

But the players will enjoy this new version as the birds will be roaming around planets and knocking new obstacle.

Now a days there are so many duplicate and clone app like angry birds which are easily available in online and Coco Loco is one of them and their concept of profitability when compare to angry birds is they created a stimulating hot chocolate and marshmallows theme this game is also based on physics puzzle and the player has to destroy the blocks in order to rescue their colleagues puffy confectionery and divert the flow of cocoa slice all the way through jelly dodge flames and other mind blowing challenges to make them free.

When compared to Angry Birds Space coco loco is available for 99 cents while the angry birds has a price tag of $2.99

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